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While Dr. Steve Taubman is often booked purely as an entertainer, his optional Empowerment Programs employ his gifts for laughter and astonishment, plus his experience as a healthcare professional, to deliver deeper messages.

According to Dr. Steve, “MisPerception” means that we see things the way we've been conditioned to see them, instead of the way they really are or the way they could be. So his eye-opening programs take off the blinders to everything that holds people back from achieving complete success and happiness. He actually “unhypnotizes” people, awakening them to their full potential.

Dr. Steve doesn't merely tell you; he shows you through the tools of his stage shows how to empower, motivate and inspire yourself, your staff, and your students. As the author of the bestseller, UnHypnosis: How to Wake Up, Start Over, and Create the Life You're Meant to Live, Dr. Steve plays with peoples' perceptions, blending time tested wisdom, stories, and impossible feats to change people's lives.

Dr. Steve had the opportunity to work with Lenovo recently. An audience member, turned participant to his show, not only left the experience entertained but also deeply moved by her experience. Click here to read her letter to Dr. Steve.

From his own life philosophy of continual personal and professional growth, Dr. Steve recognizes the ability of hypnosis and magic to take people out of their constant inner dialogue and beyond the hold of their limiting beliefs to greater peace, happiness and success. All through the hypnotic power of laughter.

Empowerment Workshops
Dr. Steve's workshops are entertaining, interactive and results-oriented. They include: Speaker
Dr. Steve's engaging personality and performance skills make his keynotes more than a talking head but involving, amusing, motivating … and memorable.

Dr. Steve Taubman wrote the #1 Best-Selling book Unhypnosis: How to Wake Up, Start Over, and Create The Life You're Meant to Live when he realized that as a stage hypnotist he could go beyond “putting people to sleep” to “waking them up” to their fullest potential. Through his book, performances, and workshops, he fulfills his mission to lead his audiences beyond entertainment to enlightenment.