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Dr. Steve is a master of much more than misperception. In fact, the hilarity of his hypnosis, magic and mindreading performances is only a small part of his persona. Beneath the eclectic entertainer's cloak breathes a deep and insightful man - a renaissance man on a mission to inspire others to live awakened lives.

Dr. Steve the Entertainer.
A certified Master of Demonstrational Hypnosis, and a student of many of the world's leading sleight-of-hand magicians, Dr. Steve integrates his diverse talents and interests into programs designed to bring more than entertainment to his audiences. His personal and professional growth explorations lead him to create experiences that inspire people by making them laugh.
And think.

Dr. Steve the Motivator.
In 1988, Dr. Steve founded Powertrack Presentations, a professional development training company. He frequently speaks on the theme of his Amazon number one best-selling book UnHypnosis: How to Wake Up, Start Over, and Create The Life You're Meant to Live: Click here to learn more

Dr. Steve the Healer.
Before becoming an entertainer, Dr. Steve was a widely known physician and health educator. A valedictorian graduate of the prestigious New York Chiropractic College, he established two successful holistic clinics in the state of Vermont and served for two years as the president of the Vermont Chiropractic Association. Today, he brings his understanding of health and human consciousness into each of his performances and speeches.

Dr. Steve the Total Entertainment Source.
Dr. Steve established The Entertainment Solution, an entertainment consulting and planning organization that develops unique programs primarily for corporate audiences, providing a wide variety of performers for trade shows, banquets, holiday parties, hospitality suites and other events. He also created Project Graduation Authority, a resource network to help high schools produce successful "Project Graduation" (substance-free) events.

"I've re-invented myself more times than you can imagine, and life keeps getting better. I judge each new project on the following two criteria: First, will it help me touch the lives of others in a positive and constructive way? Second, will it be fun? My hypnosis and magic shows are an entertaining reminder of what's possible when the source of our inspiration is set free. I offer people a chance to play, to imagine, and to reclaim their childlike lightness through laughter, fun and astonishment." (Excerpted from UnHypnosis)